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The Village

About Your Hall | Beaumont

By Oli 31 Jul 2022

Living at Beaumont?

While staying in The Village at the University of Leicester, you will also be part of your own hall community and become part of its unique 100-year history. Many of the accommodations in The Village date from Edwardian times (1901-1910) and were built by Leicester’s wealthy industrialists, creating these large, elegant houses which were subsequently bought or donated to the University. As the University grew, purpose-built accommodation was constructed in the grounds of these houses and incorporated into the diverse character of The Village, including in Beaumont Hall.

Beaumont and Digby Hall

As one of the most picturesque halls on offer at Leicester, it's no surprise that Beaumont Hall has an exceptional history. Middlemeade House was built in 1904, being one of the first grand houses of the Oadby Top area. Its extensive grounds were landscaped to create an elaborate garden that featured plants from across the world and showcase the wealth of its owners. Inside these grounds, several other houses were constructed, including Rocklands, Gate House, Hastings and The Knoll. In particular, one was constructed just to the south of Middlemeade - Southmeade House. In 1947, the then-University College, Leicester purchased Middlemeade House, its adjoining gardens and houses and subsequently named them Beaumont House/Hall. The vast gardens were incorporated together to form the University's Botanical Gardens. In the coming decades, Knighton Court, Glebe Court and Beaumont Lodge were built to the north of Beaumont House, providing extra student accommodation and completing the hall we see today.

Beaumont and Digby Hall

Beaumont House is the hall's central social space, with music rooms, games rooms and study spaces available to use. As well as this, you'll be just across the road from Oadby Food Court and the Village Hub, which includes a fully licensed pub, music rooms, study rooms and a cinema room. The Village Reception is only a few minutes walk away, and you'll have the best access to the Botanical Gardens from Glebe Road. You may notice a huge hall just to the side of Beaumont House. Well, every year we put together a huge Harry Potter-themed Christmas meal in Beaumont Dining Hall, so look out for it on our December Residence Life calendars!

Beaumont and Digby Hall

By living in Beaumont Hall, you will join a community of thousands who have also resided in your hall and will share the same experiences as you. Ask any student at Leicester and they will have a story to tell about living in Beaumont Hall. You will continue to discuss your experiences to the end of your time at the University of Leicester.

If you would like more information about Beaumont, visit our website.

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