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The Village

About Your Hall | John Foster

By Oli 31 Jul 2022

Living at The Village?

You will be part of your own hall community and become part of its unique 100-year history. Many of the accommodations in The Village date from Edwardian times (1901-1910) and were built by Leicester’s wealthy industrialists, creating these large, elegant houses which were subsequently bought or donated to the University. As the University grew, purpose-built accommodation was constructed on the grounds of these houses and incorporated into the diverse character of The Village, including in John Foster Hall.

John Foster Hall

Originally called Villiers Hall, John Foster Hall consists of various accommodations, all with their own distinctive character.

The Pavilions make up most of the rooms available in the hall, each named after a different village in Leicestershire. Located on one side of the Pavilions sits The Coppice, previously only a small Edwardian house before being expanded into accommodation for De Montfort University. The Coppice was then transferred to the University of Leicester in the 1990s. A stone’s throw from The Village Reception are a few other Edwardian Houses including Spinneys, Howard, Ashcroft, Treroose and Wighton House. With all these buildings comes a lot of bedrooms!

John Foster Hall

John Foster is our largest hall of residence by the number of bedrooms, with over 700 spread across the site. However, this doesn’t mean that John Foster doesn’t have a close-knit community. You’ll find yourself moving amongst the Pavilions to find that sweet spot of sun or weaving through the Coppice’s maze-like hallways to explore everyone’s flats. As The Village Reception is located in John Foster Hall, this means you have easy access to nearly all the facilities on offer, including music rooms, getting your post and even a cash machine!

John Foster Hall

By living in John Foster Hall, you will join a community of thousands who have also resided in your hall and will share the same experiences as you. Ask any student at Leicester and they will have a story to tell about living in John Foster Hall. You will continue to discuss your experiences to the end of your time at the University of Leicester.

If you would like more information about John Foster Hall, visit our website.

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