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Accommodation options for year 4 medic students

By BZLeicester 07 Mar 2023

Worry no more about where you'll be staying in your final year.

As the year 4 students' academic year finishes around the middle of July, which is around 3 weeks longer than the standard end date of term 3, there are a few issues around private housing end dates. Below are several options that the ResLife team (accommodation) can support you with.

Stay in university halls on a short-term contract

In March, we will be opening our summer lets portal. This will allow you to stay in halls for anything from 1 night to 3 months. You pay on a nightly basis and can choose from en-suite or shared bathroom accommodation. We will provide you with bedding and a self-catering kitchen pack.

You will be able to apply for this short-term contract on our accommodation page. 

Stay in our hotel on a student rate

You can view the hotel on to get a feel of the room and what it has to offer. This option is best if you want to stay for just a couple of nights and have somewhere where you can cater for yourselves during the day (no meals apart from breakfast are available on-site). We currently offer a staff and student rate of £36.00 (including VAT) per night, which includes your breakfast.

If you want to book, please email from your student account.

Storage options

There are several different storage companies around the University that you could have a look at if you did not want to move your belongings into either of the above. You could consider sharing costs with housemates for that time to save some pennies if you're able to fit your stuff in together.

Any further inquiries can be sent to

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