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How to report a maintenance issue

By BLloyd 28 Sep 2023

If you need to report a maintenance problem in your accommodation, you will need to complete a maintenance form.

Please use this form to report any faults or maintenance problems with your university accommodation. If you are a resident at Opal Court report maintenance problems directly to Opal Court reception.

  • Your request will be given a priority (see priority definitions below)
  • The matter will be dealt with in-house wherever possible
  • An outside contractor will be arranged if required
  • You will be kept informed of progress
  • Please reference your job ticket number if requesting any updates

Urgent or emergency issues should be raised with site reception or security.​​​​​​​

Complete a maintenance form

Priority Definitions

Priority A – Emergency Repairs

These repairs are those which if unattended would cause a danger to health, a risk to the safety of the residences or serious damage to the building. We aim to attend to these within 1 hour of becoming aware of the problem and 4 hours to make safe. Depending on the nature of the issue and parts required it may take longer to solve the issue fully.

Examples of Priority A:

  • Fire or imminent risk of fire or explosion
  • Gas leaks
  • Leakage of water from plumbing
  • Lift breakdown with passengers inside
  • Security incident (theft, burglary, or problem affecting personal security and safety)

Priority B – Urgent Repairs

These repairs will be where any faults cause operational problems if not attended to quickly or which may develop into emergency if not remedied. We aim to attend within 4 hours and make safe within 8 hours of becoming aware of the problem.

Examples of Priority B:

  • Blocked drains or internal waste pipes
  • Loss of heating or hot water on a local basis
  • Loss of water supply on a local basis
  • Loss of electrical power on a local basis (individual socket circuit)
  • A problem affecting the security of buildings or property (unsecured)
  • Broken glass in a window or door (may involve boarding and returning to reglaze later)
  • Unusable sanitary fittings and showers where they are the only ones available for use
  • Any incident giving rise to a serious safety risk (e.g. floor coverings, steps, paved areas)
  • Lighting failure on a local basis (emergency exits and stairs)
  • Water leak not causing damage to the building (e.g. tap won't turn off)

Priority C – Routine Repairs:

These are reactive repairs which do not fall into either of the above categories and not considered as immediately detrimental and is not causing significant operational problems We aim to attend these within 5 working days and completed within twenty working days of becoming aware of the problem.

Examples of Priority C:

  • Loose or missing floor tiles / paving where there is minimal safety risk
  • Replacement of cracked glass not giving rise to security or safety risk
  • Replacement/repairs to sanitary ware fittings: plugs, seats etc
  • Adjustment of door closures or floor springs
  • Installation of standard telephone and data sockets ordered through IS on their Web Site
  • Wall tiling; re-fixing loose or missing tiles
  • Ceiling tiles; replacing missing or damaged tiles
  • Curtains and blinds; repairs to curtains, blinds or their tracks
  • Plaster repairs
  • Repairs to joinery items: doors, windows etc where there is no security risk
  • Replacement of cracked sanitary ware when the damage has not prevented use
  • Re-fix loose fixtures and fittings
  • Painting

Priority D – Planned maintenance programme

These would be desirable improvements which would be considered in the programme of minor or major work planned by the university

Example of Priority D:

  • Furniture - jobs connected with repair or purchasing furniture
  • Replacement of nameplates for room occupants
  • Any other task that has been re-arranged with the client to an ‘Agreed Date’

Core hours of service

  • 7am to 4.30pm – Monday to Friday
  • There is a limited service on Bank Holidays and closure days
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