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How you can brighten up someone's day

By bzdani 17 Feb 2023

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day and it's such a great day to celebrate!

We all have bad days from time to time but for some people, it can be a lot worse than that. You may never know what people are going through but offering a helping hand or a simple kind act can put a smile on their face - a little can definitely go a long way! 

They don't have to be huge gestures but these random acts of kindness will put a smile on anyone's face especially if they've been a bit off recently...

  1. Compliment someone
    Being served by a pretty girl in a shop? Tell her. Your dad made a cracking meal for tea? Let him know. Your uni mate put another selfie on Insta? Comment on it! If you put a smile on their face for just a split second you've done something right.
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  2. Pay for someone's drink
    Say you're in a coffee shop waiting for your drink, and the person behind you orders - offer to pay. Why not? Even if they don't accept it, they will be chuffed that you've offered - I know I would anyway!
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  3. Send an anonymous gift
    If you're out shopping and see something your mum/best friend/brother would LOVE, then buy it and post it to them. Because they don't know it's from you, they can't say "I don't need anything" and if they hate it - it's not awkward. But everyone loves surprises!
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  4. Handwrite a letter
    To your closest friend, partner or maybe someone who's been quite distant recently - they're the ones that will need it! Thank them for something or let them know how much you appreciate them. Either way, it'll make their day.
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  5. Take your friend/family member out
    Somewhere like the cinema, their favourite restaurant or to a gig they wanted to go to. Surprise them and wait for their reaction. Try to make it really personal to them so they understand the effort you've gone to - don't worry it doesn't have to cost a fortune. 
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  6. Give someone a hug
    Whether it's your mum, a friend, your neighbour, a complete stranger, or just anyone that you think needs it. The power of a good hug is underestimated! So simple, yet so effective. 
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  7. Call an old friend
    Not only will it be nice to have a catch-up, but it'll make their day knowing that you were thinking about them. They might feel pretty lonely, so a phone call could mean more than you realise.
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  8. Smile!
    Don't walk around with a frown on your face, but don't smile to yourself all day like a complete weirdo either! Smiling at someone could cheer them up for a minute or make their whole day - smiling improves your mood too. 
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Sometimes it's out of your hands to really cheer someone up, but it's the thought that counts...


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