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Sign up for SafeZone

By jhobson 01 Apr 2021

SafeZone is a safety app which the University of Leicester is making available to all staff and students. The app allows you to alert University Security via your mobile phone if you ever need urgent assistance or first aid, or if you have an emergency while on campus.

The system is privacy-protected, so will never share your location unless you summon assistance or if you use the check-in function. This also means the app will not drain your mobile phone battery.

SafeZone is simple-to-use and free to download:

Once you have downloaded the SafeZone app you need to sign up using your University email.

SafeZone has three main buttons that can be used to request assistance from Security:

  • First Aid
  • Enquiries
  • Emergency

If a button is pressed in error, the alert can be cancelled by tapping the button again, whilst the timer is winding down.

SafeZone uses high-speed push messaging to allow Security to send you important notifications in the case of an emergency or critical incident on campus.

The check-in function allows you to let Security know where you are if you are working alone or outside of normal working hours.

SafeZone does not track your location. You only become visible on the system once you have raised an alert or checked in.

Report and Support

You can let us know about something that has happened to you or someone you know, either anonymously or by leaving your contact email, through our Report and Support system. If you leave an email, a member of support staff will get back to you within two working days. More information about the process can be found on the system itself.

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