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THE apps for moving to a new city

By BzAimee 31 Aug 2022

Moving away can undoubtedly be one of the most exciting things to happen to you - but it can be pretty nerve-wracking too!

Surrounded by new faces in an unfamiliar and busy environment is overwhelming, and that's why we want to make it a little bit easier. No, not just by using Google Maps - there is more to life...

1. Maps.Me (Android / iPhone)

For when you need to find your way. 

a person holding a cell phone

It is the top travel maps app that works offline so it will save some panicking if you're struggling to get signal or your battery's about to give up (we've all been there). It'll also give you real-time updates and route instructions for all your public transport troubles. 

2. Find My Friends (Android / iPhone)

For when you or your friends are completely lost.

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If you're really having problems with directions or can't describe to a friend where you are - let them do the hard work! Setting up location-based alerts might give you peace of mind if you want to know that a friend has made it home safely too. But be warned, you can't lie and tell them you've set off to meet them when you are actually still in bed...

3. Red Panic Button (Android / Panik iPhone)

For when it's an emergency.

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At the touch of a button these alarms siren to alert anyone that you're in trouble. You can store contacts and pre-written messages to be sent to friends and loved ones in an instant. Hopefully you'll never have to use it but it's good to have.

4. Open Table (Android / iPhone)

For when you're feeling hungry.

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In a new city, it's hard to know which restaurants are close by, cheap and delicious. Download this app and it'll save you hours of searching, guessing and wasting your money, plus if you've got a date, you'll know exactly where to go.

5. City Mapper (Android / iPhone)

For when you're trying to find your way around.

a person walking along a road

When you arrive in a new city, trying to work out their train and bus routes can be very confusing and it's easy to get overwhelmed with information that might not even be helpful to you. City Mapper is the perfect app to tell you which route to take with up-to-date times, you'll find your destination in no time.

6. Dice (Android / iPhone)

For planning the perfect night out.

a person videoing a band on stage

Planning the perfect night out is tricky when you have no clue where to go. Dice will be your one-stop shop for local entertainment as it has the best guides to all the clubs, pubs and gigs in your area made especially for music lovers. The app not only keeps you up to date on events and times, but you can also purchase tickets on there too!

7. Uber (Android / iPhone)

For getting from A to B.

a hand holding a cellphone with the Uber app on it

If you're rushed for time and don't know how to get to your lecture across the city, download Uber. This taxi service can track where you are (even if you don't have a clue) and will choose a taxi driver nearby, the rates are usually less than a regular taxi and you can pay from your phone, easy.

Getting to grips with everything that comes with moving to a new city can be difficult, from the best transport options to recommended restaurants, but with these apps it'll make your life a bit easier!

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