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Your guide to food and drink on campus

By RAAyanna 01 Aug 2022

Our university has a massive range of catering outlets to choose from! Across the main campus there is a range of food outlets suitable for all tastes and diets, open roughly from 9am to 3pm. So, whether you're looking for a bit of lunch in between lectures, or just wanting to grab a quick coffee on the go, there should be something for everyone. 

Here's a foodie's guide to some of the best food and drink spots on and around campus.

The Percy Gee building, which is also home to our Student Union, is the main hub to go to grab a quick bite between classes, here we have:

  • Queen’s pizza and pasta – this is by far a student favourite! And with a decent range of pizzas, pasta, and cannoli at affordable prices, this isn’t a surprise. They of course also offer both cold and hot drinks! My personal favourites are the beef ragù pasta and the loaded BBQ chicken pizza!!
  • Astro Van – another favourite is Astro Van! They offer pretty much any toppings you could think of going on both normal and sweet potato fries, as well as cold drinks. One thing, I love about Astro Van is ‘The Beast’, where you can choose 3 different types of loaded fries to be put in a pizza box and shared with friends!
  • Soul – soul offers a bunch of classic Caribbean foods like curry goat, jerk wings, rice and peas, and patties. They even offer drinks such as fruit punch, ginger beer and coconut water!
  • Starbucks – an obvious and popular place to grab a coffee on campus is Starbucks! There can sometimes be a massive queue as it is so popular so make sure to get there well before your lectures or seminars.
  • Wholesome – a vegetarian and vegan option, wholesome is another popular spot serving buddha bowls, wraps, and pho pots, how could it not be? Located underneath the Craft Coffee House it's easily missed. Make sure to check it out!
  • The Pantry – another one of the healthier, vegetarian and vegan options we have on campus is the Pantry. Here, they serve chapatis, curries, and light bites (samosas, potato wedges, onion bhajis, etc.). It is the perfect choice if you are STARVING on campus as the portion size combined with the price is well worth it.
  • Pearls – Are you a boba fan? Then look no further! Pearls offer both milk and fruit teas in a range of flavours! The best part is that it’s on UberEATS too, so you can get boba delivered right to your door! 
  • Craft Coffee House – Don’t fancy a Starbucks? Or need a coffee fix, and the Starbucks queue is too long? Craft Coffee House is the perfect alternative! They have amazing hot and cold drinks, I especially like their smoothies, and they offer a great range of sandwiches, soups, pastries & cakes!

Don’t worry if your building isn’t on the main campus, or if you want to stay in your building to get food! Here are a couple more food outlets offered by the university:

  • Attenborough Café – in the Attenborough arts centre is the Attenborough café which serves jacket potatoes, soups, paninis, and salads (on top of the standard hot and cold drinks) every day! A really convenient place to eat if the majority of your classes are on Lancaster Road.
  • ULSB hub – for all the students with classes on the Brookfield Campus, ULSB hub will be your best friend when you get peckish whilst studying. Offering a £2.50 and a £3.50 meal deal, its prices are really affordable. It is definitely a go-to spot when you’re in need of a caffeine fix!
  • Craft Coffee Van – with the same menu as the Craft Coffee House, the Craft Coffee van is located in Centenary Square, just by the David Wilson Library and is convenient for when you want a coffee to go.
  • Delicious – delicious is a great breakfast and lunch spot in the Charles Wilson building. Serving hash browns, bagels, sausage and bacon cobs as well as their vegan and vegetarian options until 11am, Delicious is just what you need to help you fight through those dreaded 10am lectures! They also offer a range of sourdough sandwiches, baguettes, jacket potatoes, and drinks perfect for lunchtime!
  • Library Café – in exam season, the library café will be your right hand! It is the only food outlet we have on campus open until 8pm during the week and open on weekends. It offers ciabattas, paninis and soups on top of its barista-made hot drinks, cold drinks and meal deals. I found this really helpful during the exam period because I found myself spending days on end in the library! 
  • Atrium Café – to the students studying in the George Davies Centre, the Atrium café is perfect for you! Serving the jacket potatoes, soups, paninis and salads as the Attenborough café does, it is a great lunch spot for in between classes!
  • The IV – in the Maurice Shock building, the IV offers a range of sandwiches, soups, teas, coffees and snacks at affordable prices. Helpful and convenient for when you don’t feel like going into the Percy Gee building!
  • The Village Pub – if you’re a resident staying in Oadby, the Village Pub is a must. Located in the Village Hub, it is perfect for times when you want to watch the football or play pool and enjoy a pint (or any other alcohol) whilst you’re there!

If you're looking for more hotspots on campus, make sure you take a look at the study spaces on campus article here!


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