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Embracing diversity: definitions

By ReslifeTeam 29 Feb 2024

In today's increasingly interconnected world, the concepts of diversity and inclusion have become central to our understanding of a healthy, dynamic society. Whether in the workplace, within communities, or here at Leicester, embracing diversity and fostering inclusion are vital for promoting understanding, respect, and opportunities for all.

However, the terminology used in discussions about diversity and inclusion can sometimes be complex and nuanced. This article aims to demystify these terms, offering clear definitions and explanations to enhance understanding and encourage meaningful conversations.

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Taking into account the differences between people and placing value on those differences. This includes both visible and non-visible characteristics.


Making sure that everyone is treated the same way and has access to the same opportunities, irrespective of their identity.


Some groups require more support to get them to an even playing field. Equity acknowledges that people may need to be treated differently in order to provide meaningful equality of opportunities.


An environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and with the ability to contribute.


The cumulative way in which multiple forms of discrimination combine. It is also often used to refer to the ways in which we hold multiple, intersecting identities at once (e.g. being a Black Caribbean, non-binary person).


Where you feel the need to lean more or less into certain identities based on the context, safety and comfort (i.e. altering your behaviour, speech or expression in order to protect yourself from discriminatory outcomes).


The act of freeing ourselves from structural oppression. We liberate ourselves when we fight against discrimination and exploitation. We want our University, and the students within it, to be leading us to the world we want to live in.