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Embracing diversity: support for women

By ReslifeTeam 29 Feb 2024

53.7% of our students are women

At the University of Leicester, we’re committed to supporting the studies and careers of women within our community, acknowledging women-specific challenges, to strive for gender equity across higher education. 

Supporting our women

With a focus on awareness, inspiration and voice, we feed women’s issues into conversations across the University. The University provides career support, mentoring and leadership. We’re working to improve our everyday policies and services to empower women on campus. 

Inspirational women

In 2015, the inaugural Wall of Inspirational Women was created. A series of specially commissioned images featuring twelve remarkable women at the University shown on the first floor of the Fielding Johnson Building, outside the Council Chamber.

In 2022, a second cohort of inspirational women were photographed and placed on the same wall. Find out more about the project, and the inspirational women at the forefront of it, at:

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on 8 March each year around the world. It is a global day which recognises the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action to advance gender equality in every dimension of life.

The University and Students’ Union are delighted to host a range of thought-provoking and celebratory events
and activities throughout the week of International Women’s Day every year.

Find out more at:

Cierra Jackson et al. posing for the camera

Athena Swan

The Athena Swan Charter is a framework which recognises commitment to the advancement of gender equity in higher education and research.

The University of Leicester was proud to receive our first Institutional Athena Swan Charter Bronze award in 2008. Our award was successfully renewed in 2011 and 2014. In 2018, we achieved our first institutional Silver award to recognise a significant record of activity in addressing gender equity challenges and implementing actions across the institution.

The initiative demonstrates the University's commitment to fostering an atmosphere that is welcoming and encouraging for all employees and students, regardless of gender. The Athena Swan Award recognises our continued work to close the gender gap and advance a diverse and equitable society.

Find out more about the award and our ambitious action plan by scanning the QR code below:

qr code

Student groups

a group of people playing football on a field

There are several student societies and sports groups that cater specifically for women at the University. Some examples include:

  • Football and Futsal (Womens)
  • Rugby Union (Womens)
  • Women in Finance
  • Women in Stem
  • Girl’s Union
  • Intersectional Feminist Society

Don’t forget, if there’s something new you want to see, you can start a society too! Find out more about student groups at:

Student voice

The Students’ Union has an elected Women’s Officer each year to represent women on campus and campaign for the support and services you require.

Previous campaigns include Me Too On Campus, Body Positivity, FearLEICS and Free Period Products (which led to the provision of free period products in all toilets across campus).

Women’s gyms and facilities

The University sports centres both offer women’s classes on their events programme. Find out more at:

Some other women’s facilities in Leicester that provide a comfortable and private space for physical activities include: