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Getting locked out? Try our top tips!

By KiraRA 24 Oct 2023

Being locked out of your accommodation is bound to happen at some point during your stay with us. Whether it be forgetting your key as you leave for lectures or mistakenly letting the door shut behind you while you head to the kitchen for a heavenly snack.

In The City and The Village accommodation, we get a flux of students with embarrassed smiles coming into reception  telling us they've been locked out and (unlike private accommodation where they may charge a fee for calling someone out to let you back in) we'll help you get back into your room quickly and easily!

Regardless of whether you have never been locked out or get locked out every other day, our team is here to help. Make sure you follow our helpful tips to help minimise the number of times you forget your key!

Keep your key somewhere you'll remember it!

What I personally like to do and have found most useful is putting my key on the door handle (inside your room of course!) this ensures that before I leave, I see my key and remember to take it with me. I also do this with my student lanyard! And I have never forgotten my key or been locked out (touch wood!) since doing this. Putting it somewhere you can see it will help with remembering to take it with you. Otherwise, if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.

Another useful tip is trying to give your key/fob a ‘home’. Keeping it in the same place every time you are in your room will help you remember where you put it.

You can also attach it to your student lanyard. Now we are well into the first term of university we will all now know that bringing our student card to lectures and seminars is crucial to recording our attendance. So, to limit the number of things you need to remember why not attach it to the other most important object we need to take with us when we leave our rooms.

Getting back in

When you inevitably do get locked out, our team are always on hand to help! Get in touch via one of these methods:

  • Head to your site reception at The Village or The City
  • Give us a call on 0116 252 2428 (or 0116 254 6737 in Opal Court)
  • Call University Security directly on 0116 252 2023

I hope these tips are useful and you find what works for you, and even if you still get locked out now and again, our RA’s are on hand to let you back in.

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KiraRA Residential Adviser for the University of Leicester. Get in touch with us on Instagram @uolreslife.
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