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Res Life

Meet Your RA Team

By jhobson 01 Sep 2023

Your Residential Advisers are current students who work as part of the Residence Life Team to help you settle in to accommodation, be a friendly face throughout the year and promote a sense of community. They also organise the social calendar, so make sure you come along to events and get to know the team. They always wear green Residential Adviser hoodies, so they're easy to spot!

Get in touch with the team by emailing, calling 0116 252 2428, dropping us a DM on our Instagram or finding us at one of our events!

Meet your RAs

Anna - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser Team Leader

Hi, my name is Afope, I'm a final year psychology student. Fun fact about me, I am a really good cook. I hope to have a restaurant some day!

Lungi - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser Team Leader

Hello, my name is Claudia, but you can call me Clau! I'm a 3rd year Psychology student and I'm 21. I'm Portuguese and moved to the UK to study in 2020. I like sports and music, and love a good chat! A fun fact about me is that I did Muay Thai for 8 years. I can't wait to meet you all, don't be a stranger and join our events!

Anna - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser Team Leader

Hello, my name's Anna. I am from Oxfordshire and starting an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature after completing my BA in English. I like reading books, drinking coffee and socialising with friends. I have been a part of Badminton society and Leicester Student Magazine, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am looking forward to starting this new role as a Residential Advisor Team Leader alongside some lovely colleagues.

Lungi - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hello my name is Lungi, I am one of the Residential Advisers this year. Looking forward to meeting everyone. A fun fact about me is that I love the show Breaking Bad.

Faiza - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hello everyone :) I am Faiza, I am one of your Residential Advisers for this year. Fun fact about me is I love sunsets, sunrise, moon, sky and books.

Tany - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi my name is Tany and I am one of the Residential Advisers this year and I am very excited and pleased to meet you. I love cooking different cuisines so make sure to look out for my recipes on the blog! I also love the ocean, so any beach trips we're on it. Stay tuned. xoxo

Abdul - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi, I'm Abdul. I study Aerospace Engineering. Don't be hyped, I'm not smart. I chose it because it sounds cool! What I like to do the most is Dive! Yes, it's scary... but it's exciting from my point of view. Diving in the dark ocean where you are clueless on what's around you... sounds fun yeah!

Amelia - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi, I'm Amelia (Lia). I'm an international student from a small Caribbean country called the British Virgin Islands.

Angela - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi! My name is Angela, I'm a second year Psychology student and I have a cat called Rio. My favourite movie is Portrait of a Lady on Fire and I love listening to music!

Swakhi - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hey y'all! My name is Swakhi, I'm one of the RAs for this year. I'm extremely friendly, so come and say hi when you see me! Fun fact, I'm a great dancer and OBSESSED with Amapiano.

Femi - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi I'm Femi. I'm a fun loving guy who is always up for rollerblading, cycling and the occasional obstacle course.

Kira - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi I'm Kira (She/Her). I am one of the Residential Advisers for this year! I am a second year studying Ancient History and History. One of my favourite hobbies is art. I can't wait to meet you all at our ResLife events!

Lucia - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi I'm Lucia, I am part of the residential adviser team this year. I like making jewelery and painting. I enjoy visiting art museums and love to travel. I'm excited to meet you all this year.

Martina - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi I'm Martina! I think I'd be a great grandma since I love to crochet! I'm excited to bring my skills to our upcoming events!

Regina - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi, I'm Regina. I'm part of the RA team this year and I'm excited to meet you all. I'm a second year Criminology student and love my horror movies, art and thrifting.

Tessa - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi! I'm Tessa, I am one of the Residential Advisers for this academic year. I study Geography and I'm in my second year. I love being outside in nature and cooking. I am excited to meet you all this year and am always here if you need someone to talk to.

Rhiya - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi! My name is Rhiya, I'm one of the Residential Advisers this year. A fun fact about me is that I am a twin.

Esther - Residential Adviser


Residential Adviser

Hi, I'm Esther and I am a PhD student in English and Empathic Healthcare at the Leicester Medical School. I adore attending ballets at the Royal Opera House in London, musicals, and museums. Fun fact, I love utilising qualitative tools such as metadata analysis and data visualisation as well as artistic tools (particularly performing arts such as spoken word poetry, music, and dance) to communicate statistical value and medical information regarding the aetiology and progression of disease.

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